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[Comments] (4) : http://photos.yahoo.com/rachnmi">lots of new pictures! I just got back from getting my hair cut and jamba juice for mommy, who is sickie, so that means no Love, Actually. I'm going to go clean my room now; it has a lot of stuff in it.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Dec 17 2003 17:35

Cool pics. I am VERY jealous of your trip to Europe.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Dec 17 2003 18:42

"O that I were in England, as I once was" --The Tempest

Posted by Rachel at Wed Dec 17 2003 20:02

I am jealous of my trip to England, too. It was SO long ago. (Though not as long as Alyson's, so I guess I don't have room for complaint.)

Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 17 2003 23:44

thanks for taking care of our mommy!

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