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[Comments] (2) : Covering a spiral notebook is a lot harder than covering a composition book. I think I'll have the hang of it next time I attempt it.

Found susie's black music notebook, which is good because it has all the good songs in it. Yay for Christmas traditions of singing and making cookies and dropping them and gretel eating them... so it goes.

Since some people (Alyson) expressed interest, my scedule for next quarter is as of yet undecided. Two defs are celtic mythology and american foreign diplomacy, oceanography is a possibility, and then something else which has yet to be determined. Also, I got an email from my ES professor, which said nothing, but very nicely, so I am taking that as a good sign.


Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 18 2003 04:37

Yay! Thanks for finding my book.

Posted by Pooca at Fri Dec 19 2003 00:38

If you are bored, you can make my [secret you're not allowed to know 'till Christmas eve] for me and beta read the fics in my inbox. :oP

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