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[Comments] (3) : Now in San Antonio (is that SPELLED right?) in Aunt Anne's house. I can hear Mom negociating the addition of a new one to our household in the next room, where hordes or relatives are. A definite UP since the first day of the trip, when I drove ten hours straight then got food poisioning from Taco Bell and was throwing up all night. Happy New Year everyone. *Looks back...* Has it really been a YEAR? What have I been DOING this whole time???


Posted by Pooca at Sat Jan 03 2004 03:56

You were online, talking to me ...er... a half? a third? of the year, and the rest was homework and writing.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jan 05 2004 21:37

YES! Frances is taking our puppy. She is cute and is really good!

Posted by Alyson at Tue Jan 06 2004 15:04

Hope your whirlwind move is turning out well.

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