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[Comments] (3) : I give up. I must go buy chocolate chip cookies. I need lasgange for tonight, anyway. And more sleepytime extra. I'll think about French the whole time though, I swear.

I don't think people realize how special the comments make me feel, for if they did they would surely leave more. Hint, hint.


Posted by Frances at Fri Dec 05 2003 15:14

Oh, Darling! You put a comma before the coordinating conjunction! Mumsy is so proud!

Posted by Tonic at Fri Dec 05 2003 15:25

A watched pot never boils. If you expect the comments they won't show up. Unless of course you guilt trip enough people into doing it, which in that case would disprove my entire 'watched pot' philosophy on life and leave me more disillusioned and bewildered in life than I already am.

Posted by anonymous at Fri Dec 05 2003 17:51

Rachel is awesome because she helped me with my EU project! How's that for a comment?


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