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: Ooooh, I've been so good this week and actually gone to all of my classes!! (So far) No, really, I think I might make it. Which could very well be a first this quarter. (But, mom, most of this time it's not *really* my fault.) Plus, I'm going to go to the gym. I really, really am.

And next week I have a midterm, yeech. And the first rehearsal for our Shakespeare scene. I'm Desdemona!! (sp?) and Jennie, fab roommie that she is, is Emelia! And Graydon, my ex-cousin, is Iago!! (Someone is Othello,too, but I don't know him yet.) Seems like I am always in the kissing scenes. AND it's Jennie's birthday this weekend. AND Happy May Day, everyone!! (Especially Amanda, wherever she may be). Time is going by much quicklyier than it ever has before.


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