La Vie En Rose for 2003 May 5 (entry 0)

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Tonic and Basil's quest for goldfish!: Mmm-Hmmm, and that's Ms. Monaco to you!!! Chris and I ended up in Pasedena at a carnival celebrating the cinqo de mayo (sp?). Sometimes you don't question fate. After failing to win goldfish and contemplating flirting with the guy handling the cooler to get one, I decided to go to a pet store and buy one. Except we didn't know where one was, and doubted any would be open, but there was one, right near the freeway, open, and someone was pulling out of a parking space just as we got there. So now I have company!!

We picked out a variety of alias(es? aliai?) with the assistance of "The Bad Girl's Guide To The Party Life" and chose our favorite for ourselves, giving the fishies others, fitting: Amaretto and C. Buz. Don't worry, there's more where they came from, but I already decided the next fish I get I'm naming Snuffles. (10 points to the first person to guess where I get that from, but I bet it'll be Sumana.)

I can reccomend with enthusiasm strawberry with Reeses' cups from Coldstone.


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