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: Small child overheard while walking Gretel: "Daddy! Is that a *whipsers* wolf?

: For some reason the entry above came thorugh twice. Maybe because I pushed the "Publish" button twice. Heh. But I can't delete mutiple entires, or atleast (is that one word or two?) I don't know how. So here ya go.

: Mom and I went to Mimis to celebrate me being all caught up with my scrapbook! Until I take more pictures. Which will be difficult since I don't have anymore film. Must remember to get some at Costco tomorrow.

I used a coupon (sp?) from the paper to get my film developed at the one hour at Walgreens. I used some more coupons to buy useful stuff, like tape, travel size deodarant, and Hershey's bars for $.39. Wheee!

I miss my baby. How will I ever survive a school year with out him? he's only been gone since this morning, and I get to go pick him up tomorrow. He is no long a *real* man. Hope he's not mad.("Er... you didn't want that, did you?")

And then on Wednesday I'm going to LA. I get a terrible, wistful feeling everytime I think about where I was at this time last year.


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