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[Comments] (1) : Since it's the begining of the quarter, and some of you might actually care, I thought I'd bring up to date about all the classes, etc, I am taking.

For work I'm reading a book about this woman who was a doctor in Serbia and Macedonia during WWI, it's quite intresting.

I had oceanography lab today for the first time, and thats pretty interesting too. We drew lines around ocean depths, called contours. Like on maps. And in lecture we learned all about the structure of the earth and the solar system.

Poli Sci is intresting too. The first paper is due next week, about American society's role in diplomacy. Trouble is, the two articles are in the reader, which I refuse to buy. I asked him to put a copy on reserve in class today. Perhaps will email him, too. It's the same professor as last quarter. Some don't, but I like him. I think he's a good lecturer.

The ES course should be good, too. I'm going to read all kinds of interesting things like Kafka and Woolfe and Proust. I can almost feel my cultural literacy expanding.

Celtic Mythology is going to be great, too. Even though I just found out I have to petetion to get it to count; its not automatic. And remembering how well my last petition went... but still, there's no reason why this one shouldn't go through. It's actually a Lit class!

I keep thinking about the leather jacket in BeBe I saw in Saturday... it was on sale... but I MUST resist. I have to be extra careful if I want to go backpacking in Europe this summer. Oh--that's another thing that may not have gott(en?) mentioned about the trip. I had a little mini-revelation while staring at 800 miles of Texas. I'd been reading Niether here nor there, by Bill Bryson. He goes to a lot of intresting places, and he has some interesting things to say, but he doesn't actually do anything interesting. The whole time I was thinking I could write a book like this, much more... interesting. Now, some people say stuff like that all the time (mom) but never do anything about it. I'm usually in that category, but I'm only young once! And I've got nothing else to do the month in between my lease being up and grad school (hopefully) starting.

So I put my Christmas money in a special seperate savings account I opened just for this purpose, and I'm going to put the remainder of my STRS money (all 1 1/2 months worth of it) there, too. That should put me at about 1,000. I'd planned to save 2,000, but Stacey of the IISA board returns recently from abroad, bring horror stories of the exchange rate, so I think I might need more than that. Still, I have 7 months to save, and with a Real Job it just might be possible!


Posted by Alyson at Wed Jan 14 2004 20:10

Good for you. Backpacking around Europe is far better than a leather jacket. Besides, did you read Sumana's article?

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