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[Comments] (3) : Is there anything more cheering than a new hat? There is no tonic to equal it, as every woman knows, and the confidence it brings is indeed great. Mine has a pink ostrich feather, the only one I ever had, and I wore it on this one occasion, for I was in uniform a few days later. I saw it again though, when in bedraggled uniform I came home in 1921, and found that my parent had given away every stitch of my clothing except that now very démodé and most unbecoming hat. How I ever could have chosen it, and what a sight for the gods I was as it perched precriously on my short hair over a lean, weather beaten face!--Dr. Isabel Hutton, With A Women's Unit.

Later she says: but of course few die in our hospital, they nearly all get well!


Posted by Alyson at Fri Jan 16 2004 19:51

That is remarkable. Are you reading it for a class?

Posted by Rachel at Sat Jan 17 2004 00:36

nope. I'm getting PAID to read it!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Jan 18 2004 01:36


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