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[Comments] (5) : I am in a FABULOUS mood, for the following reasons: 1. PS paper was postponed, which means that, yes, I will have time to breath this week! 2. After buying stamps to mail my letters to NH, I stopped by the STA and got some European travel brocheres! (Mom taught me a v good system, in which, everytime I go to buy something, I ask myself: "Do I want this ______, or do I want to go to Europe?" It works quite well.") 3. I have v good food from the store and home. 4. I am just happy in general.

Had my second lab in Oceanography. We're doing all this lame math stuff... when are we going to talk about sea turtles? I may P/NP it, so as to make the most beneficial use of my limited time this quarter.

Now must go clean my room and unpack (from yesterday!) and FIND my letters to NH. Also: read Proust and locate generous guy from PS who is letting me copy his reader.


Posted by John at Wed Jan 21 2004 05:20

What's P/NP? Pass/Fail? Auditing a class? I think I only understood about 5 words.....

Posted by rachel at Wed Jan 21 2004 06:23

NH= New Hampshire P/NP= Pass/No Pass STA= Student Travel Association

Posted by Sumana at Wed Jan 21 2004 17:30

Also, Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln.


Posted by Frances at Wed Jan 21 2004 18:13

I have a grammar book that containes an exercise based on that Lincon/Kennedy urban legend thing. No joke.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 21 2004 22:15

I don't get it...

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