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[Comments] (8) Like finding a $20 bill in your pocket: ...only much, much better. I just realized I have a scholarship I had forgotten about. From scoring well on some stupid examen back in HS. I decided to save it for when I *really* needed it, then completely forgot it's existence. By now, intrest has added up to 1150--which means I can use it for books and supplies this year, and save my other money for Europe! Yippee!!!


Posted by Sumana at Wed Jan 21 2004 17:29

Awesome. I do a jig!

Posted by John at Wed Jan 21 2004 18:36

Nothing beats free money (just ask the government)

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 21 2004 22:18

I once found $20 in that pocket of a purple sailor coat I had (and didn't wear very often). Why did I ever put $20 into my pocket in the first place?

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jan 21 2004 23:31

On Sunday I found a car key to my mom's Camry in my peacoat that I apparently hadn't won for over a year. We sold that car to my mom last Thanksgiving 2002.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Jan 22 2004 20:41


Posted by Chris at Fri Jan 23 2004 00:12

If finding $20 in your coat pocket excites you, you should put a $20 bill in all of your coat's pockets. A nice little treat left for yourself for a rainy day!

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 23 2004 21:17

We would do that if we had $100 extra to hide away.

Posted by Rachel--who has more coats than $20 bills at Sat Jan 24 2004 00:01

I was just thinking the same as Kristen

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