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[Comments] (3) : "Sort of like scrapping ice off your windshield--which may not be a good analogy for LA, but hopefully you have a sense of how that works"--my oceanography prof, on subduction zones.

Adventures were had in Westwood with Kathy, and later, over IM with Christina, UCLA parking permits were likened unto good-looking, nice boys. GiGi's cats like me lots, which is fabby, but right now there's not enough space on my bed for *me*.

Have decided to not be lazy and do Shakespeare this quarter. Good news. Richard III (nice change from all the tragedy, eh?). Queen Elizabeth. With Queen Margaret. "OH, my POOR BABES!" *SOBS* (may not be actual line).


Posted by Pooca at Fri Jan 23 2004 22:44

*snorts* I *wish* I had no idea what that was like. Ice... have I told you it's been uncharacteristically cold? And they're expecting more snow Sunday? (In time for midterms:o))

Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 24 2004 05:24

Ditto, except snow means it might finally warm up above freezing.

Posted by John at Sun Jan 25 2004 02:43

Working in the morning now, I can relate....

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