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[Comments] (4) : In light of upcoming events (my birthday), I've decided to publish this wish list:

Harry Potter poster

Eurail pass

Norah Jones CD

Gift Certificates to Target, LUSH, or Trader Joes

Something from my Amazon wish list (OK, so there's only one item right now, and it's not released yet--and NO, it's not book 6--but I'll maybe add some more.

An HTML lesson

If you wish to donate money to a charity in my name, I hear that the Send Rachel to Europe Fund does v good work.

Tonight's Proust adventures were briefly interuppted by the appearance of a mouse, which, after a labourous transfer from the living room to the front lawn by Nikkie and myself, unfortunately died of battle wounds inflicted by Poncette.

Also: some new pictures are up.


Posted by Sumana at Mon Jan 26 2004 22:21

I hereby volunteer an HTML lesson! However, probably it would have to be when I am in SoCal or you are up here near SF.

Happy birthday in advance.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Jan 27 2004 00:09

What day is your birthday?

Posted by Alyson at Tue Jan 27 2004 00:10

I went to your wish list and saw that you have listed every book that I have listed! Joke. But it is true. I was logged into my own wish list.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 27 2004 02:39

Can I make a wishlist for your birthday, too??? Socks, Michelle Branch CD, scrapbook stuff, recipe books (wow, this is fun!)...

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