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[Comments] (3) coming back from another whole foods adventure: GiGi: Promise me you'll never become soccer moms

Nikkie: If I'm ever in danger of that I'll send my kids to boarding school.


Posted by John at Tue Jan 27 2004 19:12

You make it sound so bad? I already told Susie she is an aspiring soccer mom (since she refuses to be PTA President and all)...

Posted by Pooca at Wed Jan 28 2004 02:28

Same here.

Posted by Frances at Wed Jan 28 2004 03:30

The term "soccer mom" is perjorative. It indicates a witchy, pushy woman who has no life or interests of her own and is totally involved with her spoiled brat kids. She will argue with the umpire -- and the coach-- and alienate all the other parents of team members, as well as her child's teachers at school and everyone else in sight. I can't see Susie being such a nasty person.

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