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[Comments] (16) I'm conducting a poll: Does the US have a superiority complex?




For the correct answer, please see my collected works, to be published sometime tomorrow before 11 am.

And I SWEAR, one of these days, I'm finish a paper AHEAD of time.


Posted by susie at Thu Jan 29 2004 16:18


Posted by a couple of hints: at Thu Jan 29 2004 16:21

hint 1: yes

hint 2: you can bet your bush-inflated dollar

Posted by Alyson at Thu Jan 29 2004 17:28

Why else would everyone in the world hate us? (And as a nation we deserve it).

Posted by Chris at Thu Jan 29 2004 17:53

No, everyone else just has an inferiority complex.

Posted by Frances at Thu Jan 29 2004 18:11

Maybe it's only Bush and his cronies who have a complex, not The Rest of Us.

Posted by John at Thu Jan 29 2004 19:30

Actually, having lived abroad for 2 years, I have to side with Chris. Before I would even mention America I would be attacked. And you know me, soooo unpretentious. Well, regardless, I don't think we're ethnocentric.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Jan 29 2004 20:36

Maybe it depends on where you live abroad, eh? Europeans certainly don't have an inferiority complex.

And as for The Rest of Us, I don't think that I, as an American, have a superiority complex, but then, I also don't consider myself an Average American.

Posted by Pooca at Thu Jan 29 2004 20:59

How about C: Stop procrastinating!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 29 2004 21:09

I'd say the rest of the world has a love-hate relationship with us. And as for Europeans "hating" us- it just goes to show how prejudice they are. 'Americans and their jeans'- give me a break. Speak for yourself if you have a superiority complex.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jan 29 2004 22:22

Some US citizens think the US is superior to all other countries, some think it is inferior to all other countries, and some are actually neutral (although darned if I have met many).

But the US as a whole? I'd have to say I can't agree with the question's premise, that an aggregate of millions of people could have something as specific and personally psychological as a national superiority complex. My bet: more than half US citizens do, and the US government at the highest levels of the administration does.

Posted by Pooca Again at Fri Jan 30 2004 15:10

I still hold you posted this purely to see a: how many people read this, and b: how many people you can get to comment. Do I know you too well, or what?

Posted by John at Fri Jan 30 2004 16:53

In response to Sumana's comment, it's true that some do and some don't. But show me a country where at least a group of individuals don't think their country is superior to others. It's human nature. When my professor went to Turkey he said everyone criticized America and praised their country's superiority. Then he noted that everytime it rains, the streets flood because they haven't yet grasped the concept of street drains. Anyway, not that that makes them worse or better; all countries have issues. I guess it's really a moot point.

Posted by nikkie at Fri Jan 30 2004 21:26

YES - thats why other people hate us, thats why terrorists attack us, and that is why you and i are moving to London and getting a flat in Notting Hill after graduation.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 31 2004 01:51

I think terrorist attacked us because of the greed and immorality they think America is infested with. For all they know all Americans cheat on their spouses and women wear next to nothing- which is a huge no-no in their very strict religion. I wonder where they got that perception? HOLLYWOOD? Maybe. Unfortunately, most of us don't look like that and fortunately we don't act like that- most of us. I don't think it is because America as a whole thinks that they are superior to everyone else. That would mean that half of the people reading this think that, which I believe is false. Unfortunately, in our media the small minority depicts for the world something entirely different of the overwhelming majority.

Posted by Chris at Sat Jan 31 2004 04:29

The whole planet has problems. That's why I'm going to pick up my stuff and move to Mars! (Once we've conquered it)

Posted by Rachel at Mon Feb 02 2004 07:11

Thanks to everyone for partcipating in my political debate. It's nice to know the things I think of in the middle of the night while writing my papers are actually of some merit.

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