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[Comments] (5) : While walking home I saw a girl with a H&M bag at the bus stop. I didn't ask her where she got it, because it looked like she'd been carting her stuff around in it since her most recent trip to NY/London/Paris, not like she'd just popped in for a quick sweater on her way home from work. Besides, if they were opening up an H&M in LA, someone would tell me, yes? Though it might be better not to...

Got paid today. Woot.


Posted by nikkie at Thu Feb 05 2004 05:10

NO H&M in LA, that would be HORRIBLE!!!! people who actually go to London/Paris/NYC would feel so un-special then. Forever 21 will suffice here.

Posted by John at Fri Feb 06 2004 04:36

Hey Rach I will be in OC the night of the 23 and in LA the night of the 24 on my flyouts. But the night of the 24 I have a banquet with PwC that night and I don't know how long it is going to be. When I find out I'll tell you. These trips will be so short, but I hope we can still hook up. Maybe I can meet Phil....

Posted by Alyson at Fri Feb 06 2004 19:25


Posted by Frances at Fri Feb 06 2004 20:35

Phil?????? Is Phil still an item?

Posted by clearing things up at Sat Feb 07 2004 01:21

1. John, I hate you

2. Phil was NEVER an item. That was all John's doing.


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