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[Comments] (4) : This is totally random, but the guy next to me (and I mean RIGHT next to me) in the Oceanography examen today had BO. I think my grade may suffer because of it, as I went thorugh the questions in a rush just to get out of there. Oh, but wait, I don't HAVE a grade because I am taking it P/NP. Hahahaha.


Posted by John at Sat Feb 07 2004 03:52

Then why did you take the test?

Posted by Rachel at Sat Feb 07 2004 07:55

Uh, I *do* have to PASS...

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 08 2004 19:48

We all used "Oceanography" as a school subject for the letter "O" in Scattergories last night.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Feb 10 2004 02:02

His pheromones didn't turn you on? I'm shocked.

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