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[Comments] (1) Happy Friday the 13th!: Yay! Only, little did I know, years and years ago, when I was calculating when my next Friday the 13th Birthday was, that it would be ROBBED of me by leap year! Boooo! Oh well, one month until my birthday! Here is a reminder wishlist:

Digital camera
Well behaved women bumper sticker
Harry Potter poster
Eurail pass
Norah Jones CD
Gift Certificates to Target, LUSH, or Trader Joes
Donations to Send Rachel to Europe Fund

Thanks. Good news: I was a worker today AND got a hair cut. Bad news: I did not go to Berkley. Good news: I get to see John on Monday. Bad news: I think my computer is dying.


Posted by John at Sun Feb 15 2004 17:14

Good news: you get to see John on Monday!!!!!!!!!!

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