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[Comments] (2) Happy Valentine's Day!: I got two! One is from Susie, in which she says "hope you have a great one, even if you don't have a *boy* to share it with"--that's ok, I have Sneeeks, and the entire population of LA, who all decided to go to TJs at the EXACT SAME TIME. The other is actually a converted thank-you card from Marisa, and she says "Boys are gross, except for Prince William because I can marry him & become English."


Posted by anonymous at Sun Feb 15 2004 04:21

wait *I* am betrothed to william already! poo, i guess i will have to find someone else...i suppose i can settle for a German/Swiss/Danish/some other Nordic soccer player. or perhaps someone from south america, as long as they are not too hairy....I DIGRESS. TJs was fun. happy valentines day smachel!

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 15 2004 17:32

You're welcome!

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