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[Comments] (4) : I HATE ANTS!!!!!


Posted by Sumana at Mon Feb 23 2004 06:44

Some ant remedies include: Sprinkling a line of peppermint oil or drawing a chalk line around entry points (ants supposedly won't cross it), espec. using the special insecticide chalk that one is not supposed to import. Building a "moat" around cat/dog food (keep the food dish inside a shallow platter that has water in it). Keeping an anteater around.

Posted by sneeks at Mon Feb 23 2004 08:28

ME TOO! we should put glue everywhere so they get stuck in it.

Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 23 2004 16:19

I like the anteater idea.

Posted by John at Mon Feb 23 2004 19:29

Or....you could move to an ant-free environment.

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