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[Comments] (1) : I told Kerstin, the girl I work with who is living for the Peace Corps in two weeks, that I have pretty much decided on staying all next year and working--I really have no other viable options. Then I asked if she thought it would be ok if I took a month or two off to go to Europe (after all, I can do research there), and she said that should be ok, as long as I promise to come back...Hum. Well, I suppose I don't really consider runnning away to Europe a viable option. At least not until I save up some money. Perhaps next year? *SIIIIIIIIIIIIGH* My quarter-life crisis keeps not ending.

I am thinking the key to keep ants away is simply eating all the food in the house.


Posted by sneeks at Thu Feb 26 2004 04:42

you know, i arrived at your ant-ridding idea a few days ago...have been consuming bread nonstop

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