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[Comments] (4) : I am saving my emails, &c, which involves cutting and pasting into a word document... if only I weren't such a complusive, having to save everything; then maybe my hand wouldn't be cramped from hours of ctr+c and ctrl+v ing, and my eyes wouldn't be drooping, and my bed wouldnt be covered in magazine cuttings, so I could go to it.

Today's mental health day consisted of shopping at the Grove/ Farmer's Market with Christina, where I bought, amoung other things, cheese. Then I came home and did email and cut things from magazines and above all did not think. I even signed onto AIM for the first time in at least a week. I'll probably pay for today tomorrow, but I don't care! Bed time!


Posted by Woohoo! at Sun Feb 29 2004 11:58

Yay for AIM! You really are alive! Good, that means I don't have to read HP yet to grieve your loss. IM me the next time you have a mental health day!

Posted by Pooca Again at Sun Feb 29 2004 16:15

Cheese *is* theraputic...

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 29 2004 17:16

I love cheese! That's why John married me. Well, anyway, I'm proud of you for staying off of IM although it makes me sad to notice you're never there in the evenings when I may actually have a minute to chat. I'll just have to write you long comments!

Posted by rachel at Sun Feb 29 2004 18:30

Or you can leave me IM monologues, which I usually respond to. Anyhow, count yourself lucky, because you're on YIM, which I sign onto MUCH more often than AIM.

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