La Vie En Rose for 2004 March 6 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (5) : I got the most FABULOUS pressie from LenLen--a DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Bridget, and so is soooo super-cool! Let the obssessive picture taking begin! (I always knew I would end up like my mother someday). I'll repost the link to my yahoo picture album when I am feeling un-lazy (hah!); you can bet there will be pretty frequent updates from here out!

Went to lunch today with Jen and she gave me a super-cute purse. I love birthdays. Then I went to Target and spent probably way too much, but I saw a cutecuteCUTE pair of shoes, so that was grandma's b-day present to me ;). Also some new notes cards on sale for thank-you notes. And a collinder, and an accordian file for school work. Oh yes, pens and a little mini set of scissors, tape, stapler to carry around with me at school. See, useful stuff! Fortunatley I was able to resist the inevitable frizz-control-hair-product-that-does-not-work, which seem to follow me home from every trip to Target.


Posted by anonymous at Sun Mar 07 2004 07:23

ooh, bridget is a fabulous name!!!!!!! mine doesn't have a name yet, should we name it...mark darcy??? ;)

Posted by John at Sun Mar 07 2004 17:56

You do realize that digital cameras can be money pits, so beware!!

Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 07 2004 18:10

Hmmm, we should mail your present...

Posted by Alyson at Mon Mar 08 2004 02:51

DON'T LET YOUR CAMERA GET WET!! Yes, I was guilty of that the first weekend after we bought our digital camera, and it cost us $150 in repairs, and the camera has never been the same. BTW, the only frizz-control-hair-technique I've ever encountered is short, short hair (which is one of the reasons mine keeps getting the butch).

Posted by Kristen at Tue Mar 09 2004 01:22

I find that if I put a leave in conditioner on my hair and then roll brush blow dry my hair and then use a straight iron gets the frizz out well. But you can't use the cheap irons b/c they ruin your hair. Usually hair products that work for frizz aren't sold in grocery stores or discount store, i.e. Target. Those products sometimes damage your hair. There are some aloe oils that help too and make it very shinny. My soon to be sister in law's dad has a wholesale hair product store and you can get the best stuff there for cheap. I can ask her to send you something if you need it.

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