La Vie En Rose for 2004 March 7 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) : Back and safe in LA; I arrived in the stiffling heat just in time to be dragged to the beach by neeeki to spend some quality time with Olive King and now I'm a slightly-less-white shade of pale. I wanted to go cheer on Natalie in the LA marathon, but mommy says the other side of LA is impossible to get to on marathon day (and I actually think I am having a remeberence of being stuck in traffic coming back from church all those years ago--did this really happen?). Now it's time to get started on the 500 papers I have left to do--only three weeks more of the quarter, including finals. Hopefully tonight I'll have time to install the CD so I can upload the pictures from Bridget!


Posted by Chris at Mon Mar 08 2004 07:08

I cheered extra hard for you! Our little Natalie was fabulous!

See you soon B-day girl...

Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 08 2004 15:50

Yes, that happened. Mom got a ticket.

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