La Vie En Rose for 2004 March 13 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) 21!!: Today is such a milestone that I've been doing a lot of philosophizing, and I was going to write a deep, touching post about my conclusions, but I keep failing to come up with coherent thoughts (this is good, as now I need to write my paper for PS… perhaps I should work on my story for the Time class instead), so I'll just say that I'm happy with my life in general right now, and my future, although it is a very uncertain question mark after next year.

Thanks to all for the fabby pressies/ phone calls/ IMs &c &c. I've never had a better birthday, and it's not even over yet!


Posted by Michelle Barr at Sun Mar 14 2004 01:47

Happy Birthday! Mine was on March 4th and I had a great birthday too...I got into graduate school in London! Hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

Posted by Pooca at Sun Mar 14 2004 18:14

Happy Happy Birthday!

Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 15 2004 04:22

Yay for your best birthday ever. And you're welcome. =)

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