La Vie En Rose for 2004 March 20 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) : I wondered why the Alumni Association was sending me stuff (I haven't even graduated yet!) but when I opened it I found an invitation to the Senior class trip! WOOHOOO! For only 2,100 I can trapieze through Europe on an 18 day guided tour with loud, druken, obnoxious Americans that I can barely stand to sit next to in class. Whee! WheredoIsignup?


Posted by sneeks at Sat Mar 20 2004 19:40


Posted by smeraldine at Sun Mar 21 2004 04:07

should we sign up? it's ONLY $2,100!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rachel at Sun Mar 21 2004 04:15

Yes... and I have $$2100 that I have NOTHING BETTER to do with

Posted by Sarcasm Inspector at Mon Mar 22 2004 03:25

Do I detect some sarcasm?

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