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[Comments] (12) I know I've probably caused enough controversy on this weblog for a lifetime: or at least the month of March, but this is a subject that I know many feel rather passionatley about and I am genuinely curious, so, please, express your opinons.

Eventually the time will come for me to buy a new computer (and this will be sooner rather than later if Spaz continues to pull tricks like she did today) and when I do, I am seriously considering buying a Mac.

Now, I don't know much about computers in general, but I do know that Macs are relatively cheap, and that smigi enjoys hers and says it is reliable. I have not by any means made up my mind about this, so if anyone had any thoughts/fact/biased opinons, I am wide open. Thanks.


Posted by Leonard at Tue Mar 23 2004 16:33

Macs are fine. I don't think they're cheap though.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Mar 23 2004 16:51

I believe you would like a Mac. However, PCs running Windows are cheaper than Macs, in my experience. Most people who use Macs really like them and find them reliable and wonderfully designed. You're paying extra for quality.

You enjoy beautiful things, so I think you would really like a Mac. A used Mac laptop might suit you.

Posted by Borg at Tue Mar 23 2004 18:16

We will implant microchips in your fingertips. Aesthetics are irrelevant. You will be assimilated.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Mar 23 2004 21:16

I have never used a Mac really, but I know it's owners are really loyal to their Macs. I personally am used to Windows and could never switch. I hate change.

Posted by Pooca at Tue Mar 23 2004 21:19

Ugh, Rachel, definitely don't go Mac. You won't be able to do anything with photoshop, I've used it on both Windows (home) and Mac (school) and it's SO much easier with windows. Gah. Plus, we have Macs at work, and they really like to do stuff without telling you, like erasing things and the window buttons are so confusing. Yuck. :oP I think what you would really need is either a) more hard drive or b) better connection, but I'm not a computer supergenius... I just know what works for me.

...Plus, Mac doesn't have WORD. What would we do without the reviewing function??

Posted by anonymous at Tue Mar 23 2004 22:10

Macs are expensive and are really for graphic designer/engineering types. If you want to use Microsoft Suite at all, then don't do a Mac. They are great--but the target audience is different. I recommend a Dell, but any PC with a 40 Gig hard drive or higher and a 256 bus speed or higher should suit you well in writing for your current job.

Posted by Chris at Wed Mar 24 2004 00:24

You should check out this video:

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 24 2004 04:22

I wouldn't like a Mac for the same reason as Kristen. It would just take too long to get used to.

Posted by Joe at Wed Mar 24 2004 13:53

As others have mentioned, there is the price difference to concider. However, if you can afford it you definitely should get a Mac. The learning curve is infinitesmal (my son became proficent on it in less than 2 weeks when he was 5 years old) and the flexability is unparaleled. The fact is that if you want a system you can be productive on, get a Mac. If you want a system that crashes and gets infected by viruses every 5 minutes, get a WinXX box.

Disclaimer: I use only Linux/UNIX systems so I neither like nor dislike Mac's.

If I actually _could_ spell I'd have spelled it right in the first place.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Mar 24 2004 20:00

I'm not certain where anyone got the idea that Microsoft Office isn't available for the Mac. It is.

Posted by Kevin Maples at Wed Mar 24 2004 21:08

Get the Mac! Not only do they have vitamins, but are well-built, reliable, and easy-to-maintain. And having a unix system under the covers is a beautiful thing.

(And, of course, runs on a Mac.)

Posted by Beril Guvendik at Wed Mar 24 2004 21:16

I have PC at home and Mac at work. My next home computer will be a Mac.

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