La Vie En Rose for 2004 April 5 (entry 2)

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[Comments] (1) : So that *points to previous entry* was a complete waste of time. I waited around on campus for 2 hours to go & listen to the prof yack on & on about the syllbus. I kept waiting for her to start lecturing, I was actually looking forward to it--Western European Governments--but after 45 min. of nonsense she just let us go. I could have downloaded the syllbus from the website & saved myself hours of waiting! Of course, if I'd had my iBook computer I could have been working...

Went to the UCLAStore & saw my iBook for $999, at least $100 less than at the Apple Store, so maybe I will buy it there. Need to find out about warranty, iPod mini software, &c. This is my first big purchase all on my own (tho Leonard has been on IM support), & I feel very grown up & excited. Printed my governer's scholar award withdrawl thingy, almost there! I can practically taste it!


Posted by Sumana at Wed Apr 07 2004 17:37

One nice thing about Apple is the educational discounts (that get you hooked on Macs for later in life when you will pay full price).

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