La Vie En Rose for 2004 April 7 (entry 1)

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Airfare roundtrip to Heathrow	 700
Travel insurance for 28 days	120
Eurail pass for 21 days		534
Misc expenses			200
$40 per day for 28 days		1120
Eddie Bauer backpack            89
Total				2,763

Summer in Europe: 		Priceless

iBook G4				999
MS Office				99
Wireless Card				89
Norton Utilities			129
AppleCare				128
Total:					1444

Having a computer that loves me back: Priceless


Posted by sneekie at Thu Apr 08 2004 01:51

visiting sneeekie at cambridge: FREE!!! (and equally priceless)

Posted by mom at Thu Apr 08 2004 02:11

Doesn't the computer come with msoffice installed?

Posted by rachel at Thu Apr 08 2004 02:25



Posted by John at Thu Apr 08 2004 02:41

No computer comes with MS Office installed, unless it's a promotional thing. But Rach you should check to see if UCLA offers Norton Antivirus for free. BYU gives it to us for free, but that's because they don't want our sick computers infecting them. So check into it, cuz it'll save you a bundle.

Posted by rachel at Thu Apr 08 2004 03:52

hum... maybe BYU will give ME norton for free? =D

no, prob not... but it was at the UCLAstore that it was 129 or however much... there are other norton things from cheaper, antivirus, something else. Do I really need "Utilities?" Qu'est-ce que c'est le differnece?

Posted by Michelle Barr at Thu Apr 08 2004 04:02

Are you still graduating this quarter? Give me an update when you get a chance and let me know more about your summer plans!

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