La Vie En Rose for 2004 April 12 (entry 0)

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: In YRL right now, about to sneak into my carol & have lunch (shh dont tell). I am very antsy to get my new computle. I simply cannot WAIT. I have a name picked out & all: Dave the Laugh (can be DtL for short typing) a la Georgia Nicholson. Keep waiting for the UCLA Store ppl to call. They said early this week.

Scored majorly this weekend: got to spent quality time with Tonksie & see many relatives & eat yummy food at Aunt Pat's for Easter dindin. Little Joel is soo cute; I told Shannon when I have a little boy (in about eight years) I want one just like him. Also: Pat gave me a microwave & I got a bike from Ruth Davis. Whee! Am going to Target later aujourd'hui to get lock & (yes, mom) helmet.

But here's the big news: I FOUND MY GLASSES!!! YES! Ooh I missed them so much & I am wearing them right now! It's a good thing too. I went to Sears & the lady said the warranty doesn't cover loss, I'd have to pay $350 to get them replaced, v upsetting you can imagine as I am supposed to buy DtL this week, & I was so upset I just left & completely forgot to get my sunglasses tightened. Out of sheer desperation I went back to every single place I'd been two Saturdays ago, divising all sorts of horrible punishments for myself--including grounding from all non-academic events & *gasp* internet activities--and, at the very last outpost, where I was almost not going to go bc I thought there was NO WAY I could have possibley left them there, the guy behind the counter at The Book Mark produced them. I stood for maybe a minute in complete joyful shock; I felt like kissing him and crying for joy but luckily I did neither & after profusive thanking I managed to leave with (most of) my dignity in tact. AND I have my glasses. Happy Rachel.

My stupid books for my West Eur Gov't class haven't come yet. I should have ordered expidited shipping. Dunno why, tho, my dino book cam on Thurs. (Ooh! I forgot to bring trilobites for my sexy intelligent dino Prof) It's 2nd week & I'm already behind on my reading (& I've never been so upset about this).

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