La Vie En Rose for 2004 April 16 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) : Today is ride your bike to work day! At least it was for me. I'm setting off again soon, *huffpuff*. But it saves ten minutes from the walking time, and probably would take more if a) I weren't so out of shape (all those hills!) and b)I were bravestupid enough to take the direct big-scary-streets route.


Posted by Susie at Sun Apr 18 2004 04:01

I wish we had bikes and could ride them on the trail instead of walking. We need the excercise. I'm just too good of a cook.

Posted by how to get a free bike at Sun Apr 18 2004 18:32

1. go to 2nd ward

2. Casually mention you wish you had a bike in front of two bike enthusiastics, one of whom has a spare bike in her garage

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 19 2004 02:13

Lemme guess, Sister Davis.

Posted by rachel at Mon Apr 19 2004 06:15

wow youre good

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 19 2004 15:40

Hehe. John said, Someone is telling Rachel how to get a free bike. And what is "2nd ward"? I said they were probably telling me how to get a new bike. So I came and read it and I said, hey I know her! That was my story. Yay for free bikes!

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