La Vie En Rose for 2004 April 20 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (12) I'm taking a new approach to clearing up my skin: Because after 10 years of trying everything, none of it seems to have worked. So from now on I'm going to try v hard to only eat organic & non-processed foods. I even ordered a used cookbook by Nigella Lawson from amazon market place (& realized I may have fallen into the marketing trap of "If I buy her cookbook, maybe I'll look like here") to try my hand at cooking.........

..........oooh potato is in the oven. I wonder how long it's been? Better go check!


Posted by John at Wed Apr 21 2004 15:09

I know this is a radical idea, but have you thought of Accutane? After years of wasted tries, it was the only thing that worked for me. And I never had suicidal thoughts while on it....

Posted by anonymous at Wed Apr 21 2004 17:18

accutane scares me. I'd feel a bit ridiculous doing something so extreme for something thats not really that bad, and my way has the tinsy tiny benefit of me eating healthy.

Posted by John at Wed Apr 21 2004 20:11

Just remember, whatever you do, that eating healthy isn't a sure thing. I still break out a bit when I get stressed. And since stress is such a big part of life...

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 21 2004 23:34

Mmm, cooking!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Apr 22 2004 00:58

Well, coming from a family with acne, Alyson, Joseph, me, and David all took it (Accutane). It worked great for us, but it does dry out your hair. Plus is it very expensive. My dermatologist said eating didn't really have anything to do with acne and it was genetic. Some people have it some don't. Otherwise everyone that ate poor would have acne. Try drinking lots of water.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Apr 22 2004 01:55

I was on Accutane twice, and it didn't stop my break-outs. Maybe slowed them down a bit is all, and I still have bouts of acne. I think that eating well can do a lot for a person, so whether or not it helps your acne, it is worth doing.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 22 2004 02:38

yes, that's what I figure. even if I still have zits, at least I'll be healthy on the inside, & thats what really matters.

I dont think eating in terms of the old wives tales of chocolate & french fries causing acne, but I DO think that eating organic natural stuff versus stuff with loads of chemicals would be better for you skin in general.

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 22 2004 03:55

You'll probably starve!

Posted by John at Thu Apr 22 2004 17:24

How come it costs more to eat organic and healthy? You'd think you'd save by them NOT putting chemicals and junk in...Why is it just the opposite? Do chemicals have negative price returns or something?

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 22 2004 20:53

chemicals help farmers produce more, albeit unaturally.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Apr 22 2004 21:33

Also I think it is more expensive for them to make the lower fat things etc, b/c they can't do it in the bulk mass like they can the normal products. So it is more of a hassle I think. Plus they charge more b/c they can. If you want the healthier product they know you will pay the price as opposed to other options like not getting the product.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Apr 23 2004 02:59

Tis true that conventional farming produces a larger yield, but don't forget that big agribusinesses are significantly subsidized by the U.S. government. Organic farmers get zipo. And did you ever wonder why all processed foods contain some sort of corn product at the top of their ingredient list? Corn is a hugely subsidized crop. It is cheap, so why not use it as a filler?

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