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[Comments] (3) StupidughBOOwhine: Today is the last day that my book should have been here. Even agrees. I ordered it over a month ago, is it here? Noooooooooooooo. NONONONO! Wah! It's not on reserve. I am NOT paying fifty dollars for it in the book store, so the only solution is to find a random stranger & beg to copy theirs, because midtermwednesdaypanic. This is stress I do not need. I am going to leave scathing reviews & demand a refund. Bastards.


Posted by Susie at Tue Apr 27 2004 04:03

$50 really isn't that much. It's worth passing your class at the very least.

Posted by John at Tue Apr 27 2004 04:07

Go buy the book, use it for the midterm, and return it before the deadline.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Apr 27 2004 04:19

I photocopied from a nice girl I sometimes sit next to, but it took an hour of my life. If it doesn't show up by paper writing time I will buy it.

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