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[Comments] (9) Question: If an eggshell cracks while the egg is boiling, can I still eat it?


Posted by Brendan at Wed May 05 2004 00:34


Posted by momox at Wed May 05 2004 02:49

Yes. It happens.

Posted by Susie at Wed May 05 2004 04:53

Yes. I have, and I'm still alive.

Posted by Sumana at Wed May 05 2004 15:31

I have done it, but I was unhappy about it. I get paranoid about egg safety. Christopher Kimball himself has made fun of me for it.

Posted by Leonard at Thu May 06 2004 14:40

Well, let's take it from first principles. If the eggshell cracks, that just means that part of the egg is directly exposed to boiling water, instead of being shielded from the boiling water by the shell. If it was going to cook inside the shell, it will cook even more if part of it is outside the shell. Unless you're cooking it in polluted water, you should be fine. If you are cooking it in polluted water, I wouldn't eat that egg anyway, since some chemicals can permeate the eggshell.

I wonder what would happen if you cracked an egg directly into boiling water. Maybe you would get an octopus-looking boiled egg monster.

Posted by John at Thu May 06 2004 14:57

I agree with Leonard. As long as you only had water in the pot, how could it be harmful? Or are you one of those that only drinks water that's been through reverse osmosis and stuff like that?

Posted by Brendan at Thu May 06 2004 15:06

If you just crack an egg into boiling water, I think you get Eggs Benedict. Or poached eggs, or something.

Also, this comment thread is very revealing about respective outlooks on life.

Posted by Susie at Thu May 06 2004 15:40

That is how you poach eggs for use in Eggs Benedict, so you are right Brendan. Roger had an egg poaching pan with four little cups that sat in a tray in the boiling water so your eggs would come out in a little cup shape instead of a blob.

Posted by Rachel at Thu May 06 2004 16:06

I am so glad my egg question has inspired such philosphizing

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