La Vie En Rose for 2004 May 6 (entry 0)

It's not so bad >

: Am having a little mini pre-graduation (or not) crisis. Since I’ve registered for summer school, all of my requirements on my DPR should be completed or IP. Two are not. One is the Celtic Myth class I took for a humanities; I should have petitioned for it in January, but I’ll do that today. The other came as a bit of a surprise (fun!); I thought I’d had both of my Ud electives for the major taken care of, but apparently not. I can’t remember why, probably I class I was planning on taking but didn’t end up… Actually, I think it was me planning on taking more than one PoliSci class that was Europe related. Back when I was delusional & actually thought they would OFFER more than one. Soo… yes. I have a class I can petition for that slot: Walking into History, a class I took at Sussex Uni. I guess it has about a 50% chance of getting approved; it’s really more of a Soc class, I am guessing, but it shows up as history on my DPR so I live in hope. If not, than I’ll go on a desperate search for someone to do my EU expansion 199 supervision, if a 199 can cross count, and if no I’ll see if International Law counts, or any of the other PoliSci classes offered, for that matter. If all else fails I can always take three classes (*winces*) in summer. There is a history of prostitution that looks interesting.

Of course, life has already taught me to prepare for the very worst case scenario, so if BOTH of my petitions get denied… I take four classes in summer? *dies* Or I drop the minor, and just finish up Euro St & am out of here? That sounds more like it… Problem solved.

Ran into Phil on campus; he’s going to Europe this summer for travel & study abroad, so I departed nuggets of wisdom & fun stories upon him. There’s nothing more fun than talking about Europe, and I love people who want to listen to my stories.

A fun thing to think about is all of the “what if”s. What if the train schedule HAD been right, and we’d really missed the train to Munich, and ended up in Rome like or last-minute plan was? Or what if we hadn’t woken up in time to switch cars, and had ended up in Berlin? Someday I will visit all these places, and write a “choose you own adventure exploring Europe”.

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