La Vie En Rose for 2004 May 6 (entry 2)

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[Comments] (5) Help!: I'm going crazy! Could a mac user PLEASE tell me how to get my yahoo! to download into Mail?

Edited: *whinewhimpermoan* its costs $$. I wonder how long I get to keep my ucla address?


Posted by frances at Fri May 07 2004 18:24

Considering that Leonard is still using his.....

Posted by Rachel at Fri May 07 2004 19:10

Really? is that true, Leonard? Or is a special expection?

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 07 2004 19:14

Actually I'm not. I still have accounts on various machines at UCLA, but I don't have leonardr@ucla anymore. They let you keep it for 6 months after you graduate.

If you want I could come up with something with Kevin to get you

Posted by Rachel at Fri May 07 2004 20:47

Oooh that would be nice. But wouldn't it be a lot of work?

I am considering getting a address, which is nice because it also comes with storage space on line and all sorts of goodies and virus protection... but it is $100. Maybe I will get it when my ucla account expires.

Posted by Susie at Mon May 10 2004 03:42

We are watching the HP special you were telling us about.

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