La Vie En Rose for 2004 May 11 (entry 0)

Um, what day is it again? >

[Comments] (5) The countdown begins: 38 days til Graduation: (that sounds like a lot)

It begins, the downward spiral. Picking up speed now, its roots stretch back for years. Driven by madmen and propagandists, yet acted out by ordinary men and women. After this, there's no turning back.

No, it's not WWI. It's Rachel going insane and becoming crippled by neurosis as graduation approaches.

Lucky you, you get to watch the whole thing.

People's exhibit A: the absence of typing skills has always been evident, yet now grasp on English language seems to be also failing as words which have now resemblence to one another are freely exchanged somewhere in the journey from brain to fingers. Example: I foot he scarf the let. Translation: I told her I lost the frog. Yeah, I don't get it either.

People's exhibit B: repetitive process of the sudden occurrence of questions such as "What am I supposed to be doing?" and "who am I?" followed by a period of lack of conscious thought.

People's exhibit C: Laundry from this weekend is still not put away. I am dressing from the floor.


Posted by Leonard at Wed May 12 2004 18:19

Hey, that sounds like me working for the campaign. Except when I dressed from the floor the laundry wasn't clean.

Posted by Rachel at Wed May 12 2004 18:59

The question is: how clean really can clothes be if they're on the floor?

Posted by Kristen at Wed May 12 2004 23:12

Depends on if you vaccum. I dress from the clothes basket sometimes...why bother folding them?

Posted by John at Wed May 12 2004 23:24

I really must be a clean-freak, because I feel ill just thinking about y'all living that way.

Posted by Kristen at Fri May 14 2004 21:26

Well they're clean clothes John! I am not that bad.

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