La Vie En Rose for 2004 May 12 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) Um, what day is it again?: Today is my one month anniversary with dave the laugh. You can stop rolling your eyes now, it's not as if I have enough mental capacity to actually remember that.

Here is how I know: I have to send in the rebate for the "free printer" in within 30 days. I am sending it in today.


Posted by Susie at Wed May 12 2004 13:18

Free printer!

Posted by Rachel at Wed May 12 2004 13:59

Yes... when are you guys going to get it? I should charge you at least the $8 I paid in tax

Posted by John at Wed May 12 2004 14:12

What are you talking about? We're getting a printer? We already have one; it's in SLC because we don't really need it here. Or is Susie plotting behind my back again?

Posted by Rachel at Wed May 12 2004 20:13

susie said you guys didn't have a printer, so I asked if you wanted this one and she said yes. If you don't that's fine. Perhaps I'l just use up all the ink then sell at a yard sale.

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