La Vie En Rose for 2004 May 18 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (4) Ready for summer: I wrote an email to one of my ex professors, apologising for dropping off the face of earth, and when she wrote back the subject line said: Earth. Ha! They can have a sense of humour.

Edited: And I completely unintentionally spelled two of those words the British way. Time to go back to Europe, methinks.


Posted by Professor Strict at Wed May 19 2004 17:41

WHO has a sense of humor?

Posted by Sumana at Wed May 19 2004 18:41

I spell "apologize" as "apologise" all the time. I hope the customers think it's classy.

Posted by Susie at Wed May 19 2004 22:00

I always find "Z"s hard to reach on the keyboard and type X instead. A good excuse to misspell.

Posted by Alyson at Thu May 20 2004 04:49

I have the exact same laxy fingers!!

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