La Vie En Rose for 2004 May 24 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) : There's been this big to-do in the Daily Bruin about whether or not Taco Bell will be allowed to stay on campus, because they might buy tomatoes from slave-drivers and failed to submit a report about it, but today it appears that they WILL be allowed to stay, just not signing a year contract. Which I think is a shame. Why doen't they invite Inn-N-Out, which a) has moral business practices b) is much yummier and c) does not make me nausous everytime I walk by? Or something healthy? I suppose it doesn't matter to me too much, as I won't be here next year, but I do care about the fate of society, and would much rather have Bruins eating tomatoes that were picked failry and grown locally than by evil exploitation in Florida.


Posted by Anonymous Outsider at Tue May 25 2004 17:06

In-N-Out is rumored to donate to Operation Rescue....

Posted by Rachel at Tue May 25 2004 19:13

what is operation rescue?

Posted by Frances at Tue May 25 2004 22:09

Would be interesting to find if that's true. I'd hate to have to boycott In-N-Out.

Posted by Frances at Tue May 25 2004 22:15

I looked on Snopes, and In-N-Out wasn't listed. Listed were Snapple (false), Curves (true), and Dominoes Pizza (false, but the founder of the franchise donates personally.) It makes the guy who owns Curves sound really bad. Oh! Oh! My Own Sister works at Curves!

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