La Vie En Rose for 2004 June 2 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (2) Democracy at its best: I don't know why we insisted upon having elections while writing the IISA constitution, perhaps just because we're all so democratic minded. They were today; no one was running unopposed, and about 12 people showed up to vote. "Elections Soviet-style," I said.


Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 04 2004 04:43

Reminds me of BYUSA.

Posted by Frances at Fri Jun 04 2004 18:17

When I was at BYU, they had a big promotion that everyone who voted in the elections would get an orange. An orange!!!! I wrote a very sarcastic letter to the Daily Universe about it. Then when I went to vote and get my orange, they didn't give me one. They said they decided not to do it because everyone had made fun of it so much.

Should have clued me in early on about the Mormon mentality of caring so much about what other people think.

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