La Vie En Rose for 2004 June 8 (entry 3)

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[Comments] (3) Pfft: Four posts in a day, must be some kind of record (not) or an indication of my impending insanity.

Whatever happened to finals care packages? Actually, I don't know if I ever got one--maybe from mom freshman year--but I sure could use one now!

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Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 09 2004 19:34

*care* I would send you a package but I have no time. No time at all.

Posted by John at Thu Jun 10 2004 13:47

Let us know how mom is doing.

Posted by Chris at Fri Jun 11 2004 12:10

Becca's and my visit last night was your finals relief care package. It's the best money can buy. Well, it's the best "Monopoly" can buy.

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