La Vie En Rose for 2004 June 16 (entry 0)

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In 24 hours I'll be totally done with finals. >

[Comments] (1) Whooo!: I feel good. Just finished my PS final, I kicked its butt. I filled every available space with tiny, well-informed print. The grader is going to hate me, oh well. I'll admit I was even a bit show-offy; not only did I define "expansion," I listed the names of all ten recent expandees. As much as I dislike the professor & how she taught the class, it's really nice too feel like I'm good at something.

Now must run home to take care of sick mommy. Sidenote: Becca this means I'll be in B-town, want to help me study for econ :D?


Posted by susie at Thu Jun 17 2004 18:27

Go rachey! I hope your tiny well-informed print was also legible.

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