La Vie En Rose for 2004 June 26 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (9) Save California: Recall Bush: I went to go see Farenheit 9/11 today. It was awesome--liberally biased, I guess, but then so am I. Turns out George W. is even more of an asshole than previously thought. And yet, no one is surprised. I would urge everyone to go see it but, sadly, as is the case with all such movies (Day without a Mexican also comes to mind), those who need to see it most won't go.

For work I am reading about the life a Gertrude Bell, a British women who couldn't find anyone she liked well enough to marry, so she keep running off the the "East" to learn Arabic. She worked with Intelligence during WWI and the F.O. in the 20s, I think living in Baghdad, but I haven't gotten that far yet. It's interesting to put these things in historical perspective.


Posted by Alyson at Mon Jun 28 2004 01:56

Kristen and I went to see Supersize Me yesterday. I liked it, but got tired of the jiggley camera work. It made me want to go home and cook. Farenheit 9/11 comes to Liberty Hall on Wednesday. I can't wait to see it!

Posted by John at Mon Jun 28 2004 17:25

Just think what those creative geniuses could do with their talent if only put toward something productive. For as you noted, no one that "needs" to see it ever will.

Posted by Frances at Mon Jun 28 2004 21:34

I'd hardly call Michael Moore a creative genius. I think he falls more into the category of "fella with an axe to grind."

Posted by Dan at Tue Jun 29 2004 01:54

You would probably classify me as one that needed to see F/9-11, and I did. I thought it was good, however I didn't appreciate the rough editing that misrepresented the context of certain situations.

Tell me... Do you visit web sites like Sean Hannity's. I mean I think everyone needs to take a good look at the "other side". Or are Republicans just supposed to do this.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Jun 29 2004 04:34

I do recognize that Moore probably "misrepresented the context of certain situations," but by & large I felt it was a valuable film. I don't visit republican websites, I don't really have a lot of free time on my hands, but I figure I am getting enough of the other side from the president and his administration, from the press, from my econ professor, &c. I'll stop know, before I get into trouble. I honestly don't mean to cause all this controversy, I am just a Girl Trying to Live Her Life. And I happen to have Opinons about Things.

Posted by John at Tue Jun 29 2004 16:26

I don't know who you are Dan, but as Rachel's brother, I will advise you nonetheless that it is easier to steer clear of the word Republican around Rachel. It just falls on deaf ears...(love you Rach)!

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 29 2004 19:43


Posted by Kristen at Fri Jul 02 2004 23:01

I just saw the previews, and I laughed so hard at the clip in the preview of Pres Bush saying something like 'we will hunt down and all the terrorist...Now watch this drive' and he was golfing. It was hi-larious, and it made me think although Bush has flaws, sometimes he just reminds me of an uncle or something. Warm and funny.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Jul 06 2004 03:18

I'm getting cold feet about the movie. I don't stomach violence very well. I know the cold reality is out there, but do I really want to go in for an embrace. I'm such a chicken.

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