La Vie En Rose for 2004 July 12 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (6) Update: See here for details on my weekend, then go here to sign a petition against adding discrimination to the US constitution.


Posted by John at Wed Jul 14 2004 17:54

Correct me if I'm wrong (as I am not really into politics, just money) but isn't gay unions a state by state issue, and therefore this petition worthless? I mean, it has not become a federal issue yet, as each state carries jurisdiction (at least until the circuits get involved). So the petition should be aimed at the Terminator.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Jul 14 2004 18:48

It has not become a federal issue yet, but the more radical Republicans are not content to let it stay state-by-state and are pushing for a Constitutional amendment even as we speak. So it's reasonable to make the arguments on the federal level and on the state levels.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jul 14 2004 23:22

If you are against gay marriage it doesn't make you a radical republican though. Over 60% of the US is against gay marriage.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jul 15 2004 23:14

It is true that simply believing that governments should not legally recognize same-sex marriages does not make you a radical Republican. There are Democrats who have that position, too. However, the proposed federal amendment isn't a priority. I think you and I understand that we should not be taking up the Senate floor with this when we should be improving security, health care, and the economy. This Pew Charitable Trusts poll on what people considered priorities in January notes that people thought the amendment was a really, really low priority. More recent polls basically confirm that. That's why I say it's radical Republicans who are pushing the amendment right now.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jul 15 2004 23:20

The Senators pushing the amendment lost in the Senate yesterday. Some of them are still hoping to pass it, but other Republicans are considering other tactics to prohibit same-sex marriage, "including stripping federal courts of jurisdiction over the issue, passing a federal law to define marriage and using the appropriations process to ban gay marriage in Washington."

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jul 16 2004 00:53

That is true, most people do not consider it a priority.

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