La Vie En Rose for 2004 July 20 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) OK: I really need to get some more Birkenstocks and throw all my other shoes away. Because this walking home barefoot with blisters on my feet is really getting old.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 21 2004 01:46

Too bad you gave me all your flip flops! I wore the pink ones after work today, they give a nice massage.

Posted by rachel at Wed Jul 21 2004 02:29

the flip-flops give me blisters

Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 21 2004 04:42

Poor Rachey feet. Are they doing better?

Posted by Alyson at Thu Jul 22 2004 04:34

I just busted my wallet on a pair of Chacos, and I love them. They are even built to withstand a trip into the washing machine! They are surprisingly comfortable, and I will not waste my money on a pair of Tevas again. Anyway, I would have like equally a pair of Birks, too, but Kansas is so humid my feet would be mossy all the time. The Chacos are a good concession.

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