La Vie En Rose for 2004 August

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Wow: Where did July go?

[Comments] (3) : I have four essays to write tonight. Thanks.

Sooo tired: must survive. four hours.

Lightbulb!: You know what would be really, really great? If iChat worked with both AIM AND Yahoo!Messenger.

[Comments] (2) Wow: How did I ever manage, back in the day before Dave, being limited to the desk by no wireless, no battery, non-proximity of bed to desk? *hugs Dave*

This randomosity was brought to you by my vagabondosity. Which also applies within my own room. Osity.

[Comments] (6) Economics: Ever since Sumana's entry I've been thinking about cost-per-wear a lot. I must admit I've previously been advised to figure one dollar per wear when shopping, and had dismissed the idea as ludicrous. A dollar per wear? That means you're paying, like $5 every time you get dressed! Who has that kind of money? Not me! But then I realized... how many $20 items of clothing do I have that I've only worn a handful of times? Shame! Shame! I'd like to think that the many items I got on sale for $7 and have worn more times than I can count sorta even it out.

I do think $1 per wear is too much. I'd rather pay, say, 20 cents. But it's handy. How many times would I have to wear a $30 jacket to make it worth buying? All that math turns me off to shopping.

Still, it's easy to see that a pair of Birkenstocks to be worn at least 1,000 times is well worth $115. And a $250 iPod mini used twice, three, four times a day for who knows how many years? It's practically free!!!

[Comments] (4) Well, it's official: My grades were posted and I passed both of my classes (surprise, surprise ;-). So now what? Do they send me an email and tell me “congratulations, this is where you can pick up your diploma”? Somehow I feel like I ought to know this. Maybe it says somewhere.

I doubt I’ll feel settled until it’s in my hands. I keep feeling as though someone is going to pop up from behind a bush (or sent me an email) and say, “Just kidding! You don’t really get a college degree! Do you think we actually give them out to silly people like you? No! It was all a joke! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…”

Paranoid, am I?

[Comments] (5) Let's talk about what a nerd I am: While I was in the library today checking out a gazillion books for research, I also picked up two for a bit of "light reading" : A Peace to End All Peace and Oxford Illustrated History of WWI.

[Comments] (1) More about The Roses of No Man's Land: This is the first non-fiction book that has absorbed me as well as the really good fiction I read. I spent all day in bed reading, and actually got paid for it!

[Comments] (3) : Haha, I jsut realised for the previous entry I said "more about," when that was the first time I mentioned that book. Oh well. Standard WWI fare, in case you couldn't tell.

I just got an email from Amazon saying my order had been shipped. The order I places on Sunday. Grr... Isn't the whole point of Amazon to be cheap and easier than going to the story? I don't see how waitiing almost an entire business week to ship one dinky order of three CDS is in any way fulfilling this goal. *stabs amazon*

[Comments] (1) Adventures: Leonard is here (in Bakersfield). We had fun terrorizing Smart & Final and the dollar store, then went to see Grandma. More adventures tomorrow!

[Comments] (8) Annonymous Quote: "What, so there's a Black Forest in Germany?"

: It's a good thing I cleaned my room yesterday. I keep feeling slobish because my desk is so untidy, but then I turn around and and see the rest of my room and feel much better.

On the Home Front: All is well.

[Comments] (1) New family member: I talked to Anne for about a minute today. She called here accidently instead of mom's cell. But she did mention that Kristen had her baby! So that is the news incase you hadn't heard.

La Vie En Rose for 2004 August

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