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[Comments] (8) Annonymous Quote: "What, so there's a Black Forest in Germany?"


Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 24 2004 19:06

I watched a video on Germany for Cultural Awareness at Heritage. They make coukoo clocks there. All that work and I still can't spell it right. hmm.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 25 2004 00:04

Did you have Germans at your school? I saw a major cookoo clock in Munich.

Posted by Poocie at Wed Aug 25 2004 01:13

I totally drove past le Black Forest. I believe. But why would we go in? It wasn't a camping!German trip...

Posted by Frances at Wed Aug 25 2004 03:04

You go in to eat the Black Forest Cake.

Posted by rachel at Wed Aug 25 2004 05:38

I could go to the Black Forest restaurant, which is in Santa Monica and much closer.

Posted by Momox at Wed Aug 25 2004 17:42

Let's do that, next time I'm in town.

Posted by rachel at Thu Aug 26 2004 03:39

sounds like a plan!

Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 26 2004 16:20

You could also make a Black Forest cake, or eat a piece at Jodi's wedding. We did all different cultures for Cultural Awareness, it had little to do with the cultures of the students.

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