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[Comments] (1) Books &c: I had to go to the BioMed library to get a book on Scottish Women's Hospitals. Scary! I've only been once before, and I got lost. I guess the person I asked for directions this time was better at it. I found my books and it was covered in the thickest layer of dust I've ever seen in a library. Apprently it was just about to be pulled, so I have rescued it from the obscurity of the Southern Regional Library Facility (which I picture as this huge warehouse in the middle of the desert where they perform odd experiments on people and forklift huge amounts of books around). Actually, it would have been a lot easier for *me* to request the book from SLRF and pick it up at YRL, where I'm at practically everyday anyway...


Posted by Susie at Thu Sep 02 2004 16:11

You poor thing.

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