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[Comments] (4) Also: I face a small dilemna in that Tonks has usurped my suitcase as his bed. Now I can't put it away or I'll be taking away his bed and he'll think he's not welcome in my room! which of course he is. AND it has Tonks hair all over, now.


Posted by John at Sat Sep 25 2004 22:28

Now you just need to find one big enough for Gretel so she can sleep in your room too!

Posted by rachel at Sun Sep 26 2004 03:41


Posted by Susie at Sun Sep 26 2004 05:00

Put a towel in it, then he can sleep there all he wants. Better than the closet.

Posted by rachel at Sun Sep 26 2004 05:47

I don't mind him in my closet so much. I do mind my suitcase on the floor. I'm going to buy him a kitty condo.

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